Information-driven Hexagon EAM Solutions

Helping organizations generate high-quality data to inform their asset management decision-making process.



Information-driven Hexagon EAM Solutions provide…

Rich reporting and analysis

We help our HxGN EAM clients generate complete, accurate, and timely asset management information. Our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions can quickly deliver actionable data that helps executives and managers make informed business decisions.

Clean and standardized data

We help Hexagon EAM clients build high-performance master data registries. Our cleansing, normalization, classification, and enrichment solutions can get your asset and MRO master data working for you.

System integration and sharing of critical data

Connecting Hexagon EAM to other systems to share data improves reporting, creates efficiencies, and can boost asset reliability. We use the latest API technologies to securely and efficiently link EAM to other key data sources.

We cover all the bases implementing Hexagon EAM from design to configuration to master data, testing, training, go-live, and improvement.

We make the application easy to use and deploy. Our expertise, industry experience, and unique “in the field” hands-on approach to learning can fully enable your team to leverage EAM in a highly productive manner.

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Ultimately, your Hexagon EAM investment has to pay off, and we are here to make that happen.

Increase asset reliability

We target unplanned asset downtime and deliver the reporting, KPIs, and data to help you reduce it.

‍Download from our EAM Library™ a free sample of HxGN (asset class-based) problem-failure codes.

Improve MRO materials management and supply chain operations

We help you fully leverage the Hexagon EAM solution to get the right parts to the right place at the right time and the lowest cost.

We were born and raised in storerooms. Want to talk MRO? We do.

Implement maintenance best practices for planning and scheduling

Hexagon EAM and our team can get your maintenance operation building quality job plans and developing weekly and daily schedules. Better planning means fewer technician delays; better scheduling means increased utilization—a win/win for the organization

Download from our EAM Library™ a free Maintenance Planning Checklist. Start building better job plans now.

Better control and minimize maintenance and MRO costs

We know how to employ Hexagon EAM to create hard-dollar savings for your organization, and we know where to start.

Want to talk about tangible ROI?


Supercharge HxGN EAM

The EAM Library™ is an online best practice resource to help organizations improve the performance of their enterprise asset management operation.

EAMi on the Fly!

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